CASH Register Website Article Policy

The New CASH Register website is updated on a regular basis and is circulated to school district superintendents, business managers, facility planners, architects, maintenance personnel, contractors, developers, financial institutions, attorneys, licensed professionals, construction inspectors and consultants throughout California.  Distribution is approximately 3,000 email addresses.

The CASH Register website will accept articles from C.A.S.H. members only.

  • Articles must be no longer than 3 pages, typed, single-spaced (Approximately 1,000 words).
  • Articles should relate to facilities issues and school maintenance.
  • Articles must be general in nature and not a promotional piece about specific company or product.
  • Articles can be reprinted from other sources (Please get permission in advance).
  • If pictures are available, they can be used to enhance the article.  Photos sent electronically should be full color, .JPG files, 300dpi.
  • Articles may be submitted throughout the month and will be placed on the website after review.
  • Articles submitted by Associate Members will require an Article Banner Ad (590 pixels x 100 pixels) that will run for the life of the article at $350.00 with a click through to a location of your choice on your website.

Please send your articles to:

CASH Register Editorial Office
1130 K Street – Suite 210
Sacramento, CA  95814
By fax to (916) 448-7495
By e-mail to


For more information, please contact Shannon Mahoney in the C.A.S.H. office