Advocacy Needed Now: Potential Projects Funded by Governor’s FY 18-19 Budget Proposal

CASH is asking the Legislature to increase the size of FY 2018-19 State school bond sales to $3 billion.

We need all CASH members to contact their State Assembly Member and State Senator and request they increase the 2018-19 Proposition 51 bond sales to fund $3.0 billion in school facility projects awaiting action by the State Allocation Board.  To find your State Assembly Member and State Senator, please click here.

The Governor is proposing to sell $640 million in state school bonds for School Facility Program projects funded between July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019, (i.e. FY 2018-19). This amount is inadequate to meet the needs of school districts and county offices of education, which have submitted projects worth over $3.2 billion to the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC).

One tool we will use in our advocacy is showing Legislators which projects could be funded with $640 million, versus projects that could be funded with $3 billion in FY 2018-19. Click here to view the Assembly List.    Click here to view the Senate list.

The data shows, by Assembly and Senate Districts, the New Construction and Modernization Workload List projects which were submitted by OPSC and not scheduled for funding by the spring 2018 State bond sale. Projects highlighted in blue may be funded in FY 2018-19 based on the Governor’s $640 million bond sale proposal. Projects highlighted in green are the additional projects that could be funded if the State Budget included $3 billion in bond sales.

Please note that these are estimates and are intended for advocacy purposes only. This document does not intend to anticipate processing or funding dates for specific projects. In addition:

  • Data set was compiled using the OPSC New Construction and Modernization Workload Lists.
  • Facility Hardship projects were moved to the top of the list as the State Allocation Board prioritizes mitigating health and safety issues.
  • Data does not reflect potential funding for Career Technical Education (CTE) projects or Charter School Facilities Program projects. The proposed $640 million in bond sales in FY 2018-19 would provide cash to New Construction and Modernization projects, as well as eligible CTE and charter projects.
  • The Assembly Member and Senator designation is based on geographic location of the project site.