C.A.S.H. Monthly Meeting Minutes,
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 13, 2013

A webcast of the entire General Membership Meeting will be available on the C.A.S.H. website. 

C.A.S.H. Chair, Joe Dixon, called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m.  New members and guests were welcomed and introduced.

Joe updated attendees about the Maintenance Management Certification Program.  The Program is now accepting applications for the upcoming session that will begin March 2014.  The cost is $5,000 per participant.  Those interested should contact Cheryl MacKelvie in the C.A.S.H. office at cmackelvie@m-w-h.com.  Joe reminded attendees about the C.A.S.H. workshop on Friday in Ontario.  More information can be found on the C.A.S.H. website at www.cashnet.org.

Guest SpeakerBill Savidge, State Allocation Board

Bill shared that Dave Zian has recently retired from the Office of Public School Construction.  The next SAB meeting will be Wednesday, January 22 at the State Capitol.  Bill gave an update on the current status of funds.  Bill also reported on the Unfunded List, the Priority in Funding List and the SAB Acknowledged List.  Money is coming back to the Charter School Program.  There will be a competitive funding round beginning April 1, 2014 through May 30, 2014.  Bill noted the funds will go fast so districts should be prepared prior to the April 1 deadline to have a better chance for funding.  Bill discussed the Program Review Subcommittee.  The committee came to a consensus on the items they had been discussing that will go the SAB on January 22.  Bill reviewed the results of a study he performed as well as one prepared by OPSC regarding eligibility funding.  The results were similar.  The final conclusion was that there needs to be a better way to collect data from school districts.

Division of the State Architect UpdateBob Chase

Bob gave a brief update of what is happening at DSA.  Bob discussed that the status of the seismic mitigation funding and how the Box is working for DSA.  Bob noted that the C.A.S.H. Design Jury met yesterday and he enjoyed the process and looks forward to the presentation at the Annual Conference in February.  The Building Standards Code will be delayed due to software issues that are being addressed.  The previous code will continue to be used until the issues are resolved.

CDE/School Facilities and Transportation Services division UpdateFred Yeager

Fred discussed SB 1404.  The regulations will go back to the State Board of Education soon.  The application deadline for the field representative has been extended.

Legislative/Regulatory UpdateIan Padilla

Ian shared that beginning in September C.A.S.H. coordinated the key stakeholders that would be interested in a school bond in 2014.  The central message that was developed was the continuing roll of the schools community and the job creation aspect as well.  The group met with key decision makers at the capitol and while there was support at that level, the Governor has the final say in the ability to put a bond on the ballot.  The group met with staff at the Legislative Analyst’s Office.  There is recognition that some sort of funding is needed.  C.A.S.H. will continue to have discussions on the topic and keep members updated on the progress.

Planning Committee – Jenny Hannah

Jenny noted that the Annual Conference registration and hotel reservation information is now available and on the C.A.S.H. website.  There are some new updates to the program this year that should add a unique spin to the conference. She encouraged attendees to sign up for the hotel rooms early before they sell out.

Proposition 39 Update – Anna Ferrera

Anna noted that guidelines are on the agenda for the December 19 CEC meeting.  Several of SEC suggestions have been included into the new guidelines.  Anna discussed Net Energy Metering.  Anna reviewed a PG& E rate case regarding solar power.

Californians for School Facilities – Eric Bakke

Eric noted that the Joint Budget committee has come up with a bipartisan budget that will keep the federal government running through 2015.  Funding will be restored to federal programs that will help schools.  The details are still being worked out.  Discussions on tax break programs will begin again in January.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.