C.A.S.H. Monthly Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, April 23, 2014

May 9, 2014

A webcast of the entire General Membership Meeting will be available on the C.A.S.H. website. 

C.A.S.H. Vice Chair, Jenny Hannah, called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m.  New members and guests were welcomed and introduced.

Jenny highlighted the C.A.S.H. Maintenance Management Certification Program (CMMCP).  This session is full with 48 registrants.  The program will kick off with a Boot Camp at the end of April.  The core faculty is Joe, Ted Rozzi, Corona Norco USD and Fred Diamond with Citrus CCD. 

AB 2235 (Buchanan) is the bond bill that is moving through the Legislature.  Jenny reported that many C.A.S.H. members have sent letters to the Governor and encouraged attendees who have not done so to send in letters to their legislators and the Governor and to keep in contact with them to emphasize the need.

The School Finance Emporiums are scheduled for May 22 at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento; and on May 30 at the Ontario Airport Radisson.  More information is available on the C.A.S.H. website.

Jenny highlighted the C.A.S.H. School Facilities News Website at www.cashfacilitiesnews.org.


Water Resources Control BoardEric Ichtol

The State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) is creating a new drought relief program intended to provide schools with grants to address drought-related needs through facilities projects.  The program is being created in response to the Governor’s Drought State of Emergency Proclamation, and intends to repurpose unallocated bond funds, primarily from Propositions 13 and 40.  Approximately $31 million will be available for the grant program, which is still in the concept phase.

The grants will go to school districts, which can then fund multiple schools within the district.  Grant amounts will likely be between $250,000 and $2.5 million, and some will require a local match up to 20 percent, based on bond source.  Grants should be used for storm water retention, reuse, recharge, and Low Impact Development storm water management, and they may fund an educational component.  Examples include bioswales, rain gardens, rooftop capture/reuse, and infiltration systems.  To view Eric’s presentation, please click here.


Division of the State Architect UpdateChet Widom and Bob Chase

Chet discussed the programs that are being put in place to streamline the processes at DSA and create consistency in the regional offices.  He described the new certification process, stressing that for every uncertified project, the schools will take on responsibility when occupying.  He stated that upon occupancy of a building, the district will have 30 days to certify before the DSA Field Engineer prepares a deficiency list.  After 60 days, the list will become public.  A complete copy of Chet’s PowerPoint presentation can be found by clicking here.


CDE/School Facilities and Transportation Services division UpdateLesley Taylor and Fred Yeager

Lesley began by reporting on the Federal and State Green Schools Programs.  Green Ribbon Schools reduce environmental impacts and costs, improve health and wellness, and improves eco literacy curriculum.  CDE will be releasing the application for Green Schools for next year in the fall.

Fred Yeager noted there is an April 30 deadline for Proposition 39 planning funds.  The Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Education Technology Blueprint states that districts should design with Common Core standards in mind.  Also that Title 5 regulations are being reviewed and proposed updates will be going to the State Board on July 9-10, with a public hearing scheduled for September 8-9.


Legislative/Regulatory UpdateIan Padilla, Rebekah Cearley

Ian stated there are a number of bills moving through the legislative process, most importantly AB 2235 (Buchanan) regarding the State School Bond bill, which was  passed on April 22 by the Assembly Higher Education Committee.  Ian also indicated that C.A.S.H. is removing its opposition to SB 1405 (DeSaulnier) and decided to stay neutral on SB 1112 (Hueso).

Rebekah reported that 34 school districts and 39 associate members have sent letters to the Governor urging his support of AB 2235.   She also reported that CASH attended the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education hearing in support of the proposed Emergency Repair Program funding of $188.1 million and opposed the transfer of $211 million from boutique programs to the core new construction and modernization programs.  She also reported on AB 1581 (Buchan), which  would extend prequalification requirements from chaptered bill AB 1565 (2012) to lease-leaseback.  She also reported on SB 1067 (Beall), which would require all projects to go through CDE for site selection and plan review.


Proposition 39 Update - Anna Ferrera, Murdoch Walrath & Holmes

Anna noted that the School Energy Coalition will be holding their second energy emporium on April 29 in Pomona.  The event is free to LEAs.  More information about the Emporiums can be found on the SEC website at http://www.schoolenergysolutions.org/.   She stated the state has seen an uptick in revenues, while SEC hopes the new revenue will be applied to the Proposition 39 program, there is a long list of people who want to get funding.


Californians for School Facilities – Dave Walrath

Dave reported on the CSF Washington D.C. trip and stated CSF gave a one hour presentation to Legislators as opposed to going door to door with the Legislators.  QZAB tax extenders has passed the House of Representatives.  The President’s Budget calls for more infrastructure funding to include schools.  The next trip will be in the fall.


Annual ConferenceJenny Hannah

Jenny noted that the planning for the 2015 Annual Conference has started and it’s not too late to participate.  Contact Greg or Lisa.  All Members are welcome.


JobsJenny Hannah

Dick Cowan noted that XL Construction is looking for Project and Site managers and hired someone referred from the last C.A.S.H. monthly meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.